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There are many Halloween costumes to choose from this year but one of the biggest sellers this year is the Lady Gaga Halloween costume. Lady Gaga and her outlandish outfits she wears on stage has been a boon to the Halloween Costume market. Her costumes are some of the biggest sellers on sites like BuyCostumes and Costume Kingdom.

Lady Gaga Costumes for 2011

One of the more popular Lady Gaga Halloween costume this year is the one she wore at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) show. That costume is referred to as the Jo Calderone costume or the Lady Gaga VMA costume.This costume is more geared toward the adult Halloween costume segment. Another of the popular Gaga costumes is the “Born This Way” 2011 Grammy costume. This one is more reserved than the VMA costume.

A popular Lady Gaga costume showing up this year for teenagers is the Lady Gaga Sequin Dress Tween Costume. You will be sure to garner attention with this Halloween costume. A couple more popular Lady Gaga costumes are the “Lady Gaga American Flag” outfit and the “Lady Gaga Tuxedo” Halloween Costume. If you wish to keep it simple, you can just opt for a blonde wig, large sunglasses, and lipstick that Lady Gaga commonly wears. This simple design will keep your costs down and allow you to wear something simple while getting positive feedback for your costume decision.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a female music singer & songwriter from New York City. She modeled her singing and onstage presence along the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Mercury. Her unconventional outfits and concert performances have led to a huge following and popularity. Her music has led to numerous Grammy nominations and she has won several music awards during her short career.This year, go all out and make a splash with a Lady Gaga Halloween Costume. Just like Lady Gaga would on stage.

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